This is about the color. For a beverage, look it up on Google.

Family Green
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RGB 223, 255, 0
Hexidecimal #DFFF00
HSL 67.53, 100%, 50%
HSV 67.53, 100%, 100%
CMYK 12.55, 0, 100, 0
LAB 94.83, -34.51%, 91.74%
YPbPr 0.85, 0.02%, -0.48%
Xyz 66.19, 87.21%, 13.34%

Chartreuse is a neon yellow-green color that is named after the type of beverage. Unlike the X11 chartreuse, the traditional chartreuse is fluorescent since it is near the yellow value. Although the name was also used for Crayola's flourescent yellow crayon color for 18 years before it was named "Laser Lemon", it was also made for the flourescent Premier Tempera Paint bottles.

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