Crayola is a brand of artists' supplies company by Crayola LLC. The company is usually known for Crayons, but it has distributed various art tools such as Markers, Colored Pencils, Paint and Modeling Clay. It is also a pigment industry company to provide non-toxic products for children to use.

Neon colors by this companyEdit

Crayola has released the following colors for their products as listed below.

Standard Crayons and MarkersEdit

Swatch Name Product(s) Debut Retired Original Name Family
Atomic Tangerine Crayons 1972 Ultra Yellow Orange
Blizzard Blue Crayons 1972 2003 Ultra Blue Blue
Blue Bolt Markers 2014 Blue
Electric Blue Markers 1990 Blue
Electric Lime Crayons/Markers 1990 Green
Fiery Orange Markers 1999 Orange
Glowing Green Markers 1987 Green
Hot Magenta Crayons/Markers 1972 Red/Purple
Laser Lemon Crayons/Markers 1972 Chartreuse Yellow
Magic Mint Crayons 1990 2003 Green
Neon Carrot Crayons 1990 Orange
Neon Yellow Markers 1987 Yellow
Outrageous Orange Crayons 1972 Ultra Orange Orange
Pink Flamingo Crayons 1998 Pink
Purple Pizzazz Crayons 1990 Purple
Radical Red Crayons 1990 Red
Razzle Dazzle Rose Crayons 1990 Red/Purple
Shocking Pink Crayons/Markers 1972 Ultra Pink Pink
Screamin' Green Crayons 1972 Ultra Green Green
Sunglow Crayons 1990 Orange
Unmellow Yellow Crayons 1990 Yellow
Wild Watermelon Crayons 1972 Ultra Red Red

Standard Colored PencilsEdit

In a 64 pack of Colored Pencils, the neon colors used for general crayons were also made for the product.

Swatch Name
Hot Magenta
Laser Lemon
Screamin' Green
Wild Watermelon


In a pack of 18 twistable pencils, three colors are fluorescent which include colors Orange, Pink and Yellow.

Swatch Name
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Yellow

Erasable HighlightersEdit

Yellow was the only color made for highlighters designed to be erasble in 2007 and more colors were introduced when Crayola released the take note highlighters years later.

Swatch Image
Crayola Erasable Highlighter


Discovery (1997-1998)Edit

Swatch Name Original Name
After-burner Orange Atomic Tangerine
Blast Off Razzle Dazzle Rose
Lift-off Lime Electric Lime

Kids Choice Colors (2008)Edit

Swatch Name Original Name
Awesome Wild Watermelon
Famous Hot Magenta
Fun in the Sun Atomic Tangerine
Giving Tree Screamin' Green
Super Happy Laser Lemon

Retro Set (1999-2000)Edit

Swatch Name Original Name
Flower Power Pink Wild Watermelon

Scarlet Pimpernel (1998)Edit

Swatch Name Original Name
Chevaulin Chartreuse Laser Lemon

State Crayon Collection (2004-2006)Edit

Swatch Name Original Name State
Bee-Utah-ful Sunglow Utah
Francis Scott Kiwi Screamin' Green Maryland
Las Vegas Lights Electric Lime Nevada
Yellowstone Unmellow Yellow Wyoming

Techno Brite (1997-1999)Edit

Swatch Name Original Name
Infra Red Wild Watermelon
On-line Orange Neon Carrot
Plug & Play Pink Shocking Pink
Point & Click Green Electric Lime
Transistor Yellow Atomic Tangerine
Web Surfin' Blue Blizzard Blue

Take Note HighlightersEdit

Swatch Name
Coral Reef
Electric Blush
Glow Party
Mermaid Wave
Mystic Amethyst
Royal Majesty

Neon Premier Tempera PaintEdit

Swatch Name
Orange Yellow

Neon Washable Kids PaintEdit

Swatch Name
Atomic Tangerine
Black Night
Blue Attitude
Mad Magenta
Purple Pizzazz
Radical Red
Screamin' Green
Shocking Pink
Unmellow Yellow
Winter White

Neon Oil PastelsEdit

Swatch Name
Aqua Brite
Atomic Tangerine
Blue Bolt
Graphic Green
Electric Lime
Hot Magenta
Laser Lemon
Neon Carrot
Outrageous Orange
Radical Red
Screamin' Green
Shocking Pink
Vivid Violet

eXtreme ColorsEdit

Swatch Name Notes
Absolute Zero
Arctic Lime Released for colored pencils only.
Fiery Rose
Frostbite Released for twistable crayons.
Heat Wave
Lemon Glacier
Sizzling Sunset
Spring Forest
Winter Sky

Special FX Sidewalk ChalkEdit

Swatch Name Product
Atomic Tangerine

Neon Chalk

Atomic Tangerine Fire Neon Glitter Chalk
Electric Lime Neon Chalk
Electric Lime Flicker Neon Glitter Chalk
Extreme Blue Neon Chalk
Extreme Blue Blazes Neon Glitter Chalk
Laser Lemon Neon Chalk
Laser Lemon Flash Neon Glitter Chalk
Shocking Pink Neon Chalk
Shocking Pink Sparks Neon Glitter Chalk


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