Family Green
Companies Crayola
Introduced 1990
RGB 204, 255, 0
Hexidecimal #CCFF00
HSL 72, 100%, 50%
HSV 72, 100%, 100%
CMYK 20, 0, 100, 0
LAB 93.61, -41.95%, 90.28%
YPbPr 0.83, -0.02%, -0.47%
Xyz 60.66, 84.36%, 13.09%

Electric Lime is a Neon Green variant that is one of the most common colors introduced in 1990. The neon color is electric as well as other colors such as the traditional Chartreuse color. It may also include others like this variant such as Volt, Arctic Lime and Lemon-lime. This lime color is also one of DipYourCar's exclusive paint palettes for the car colorization and one of Controller Chaos's premium controller colors.


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