Here are a list of colors named after fruits or vegetables. This may not include orange colors that are commonly used as a color.

Swatch Name Hex code RGB Company Family Type of food
Wild Watermelon #FD5B78 253,91,120 Crayola Red Fruit
Tangerine Dream #FF844E 255,132,78 Steph's Closet Orange Fruit
Neon Carrot #FF9933 255,153,51 Crayola Orange Vegetable
Atomic Tangerine #FF9966 255,153,102 Crayola Orange Fruit
Lemon Glacier #FDFF00 253,255,0 Crayola Yellow Fruit
Laser Lemon #FFFF66 255,255,102 Crayola Yellow Fruit
Luis Lemon #E9FF36 233,255,54 Models Own Yellow Fruit
Funky Limelight #D3FF47 211,255,71 Steph's Cloest Green Fruit
Arctic Lime #D0FF11 208,255,16 Crayola Green Fruit
Electric Lime #CCFF00 204,255,0 Crayola Green Fruit
Toxic Apple #01FF61 1,255,97 Models Own Green Fruit
Kiwi Cool-Ada #00FF5D 0,255,93 China Glaze Green Fruit
Grape A Licious #AB36FF 171,54,255 China Glaze Purple Fruit
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