Family Yellow
Companies Crayola
Naio Nails
Plop! Supplies
Introduced 1972
RGB 255, 255, 102
Hexidecimal #FFFF66
HSL 60, 100%, 70%
HSV 60, 60%, 1%
CMYK 0, 0, 60, 0
LAB 97.53, -18.44%, 70.9%
YPbPr 0.93, 0.05%, -0.3%
Xyz 79.4, 93.74%, 26.48%

Laser Lemon is a fluorescent yellow that was first introduced by Crayola in 1972 as Chartreuse. Until 1990, the color was renamed to Laser Lemon.[1][2] It is also in the pack of Scarlet Pimpernel crayons as Chevaulin Chartreuse.

This color is one of the most common colors that are used on things such as the sun, neon light, nail polish creme, highlighters, and glossy paint.

The neon color was made on several things including MistFX's Aqua Body Paint, Ruscona's Neon Color UV Gels (with glitter added to the liquid), Naio Nails acrylic nail powders and Indigo's Acrylic Neon nail polish colors. Other things that have the color include Plop's inflatable Sofa, Ergon's bike equipment products and Calvin's Klein Steel Micro Boxer Brief underpants. It is also made by Model's Own nail polish neon products made as Luis Lemon. This is also included in the 64 pack of colored pencils by Crayola. There are a number of similar variants of this neon yellow color, examples include Unmellow Yellow, Neon Lemon, Laser Lemon Flash and Lemon Glacier.


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